We turn 2.5 billion people sanitation waste into fertilizer and energy

We turn human waste into nutritious fertilizer. Our fertilizer is sold to local farmers and businesses, and represents a sustainable and affordable alternative to synthetic fertilizers. We tap into the energy stored in human waste to provide local households and businesses with electricity and heating.

The problem

2.5 billion people do not have access to proper sanitation. Many practice open defecation, but the problem extends further: Public toilets are often not maintained properly, and many are not connected to a sewer system. Waste released into the open leads to polluted water sources and spreading of diseases. The result is increased mortality, especially among children.

The discovery

The solution does not come in the form of public toilets, which although they may represent a quick fix inevitably face neglect and poor maintenance once the (typically public) funding runs out. Neither will it come in the form of flushing toilets, contributing to the spilling of precious clean water. Even sewerage seems unlikely to be a good solution, given the tremendous installation and maintenance costs related to this form of waste management.

Our solution

Our solution is a value chain, where sustainable sanitation services are financed through the creation of value from collected human waste. The value chain is made possible by close interactions with the local community and recruitment of local entrepreneurs who share our passion to help people lead fresher (and healthier) lives.