Startup details


To give 600 million people direct access to electricity to enrich their lives and earn an income.


Pre-signed customers. Local organization in progress. Series A production Q2 2017.


Sub-Saharan individuals.

Pawa – Power in your hands.


Today’s problem

600 million people in Africa do not have access to electricity. A power grid will cost USD 6tn and take 100 years to implement. People in rural areas spend hundreds of dollars and thousands of hours each year to acquire their daily need for power.


Pawa’s solution

The new power grid of Africa will be people, not copper: Pawa Technologies has designed, manufactured and introduced a mobile personal solar chargeable power platform that is versatile, modular and tradable. Pawa gives people individuality and choice to use their power as they want, to use their time more effectively, and to earn an income.


Pawa’s market

Sub-Saharan Africa is a 600 million people market representing $60 billion turnover. Other continents face the same challenge.
Our initial target consumers are African poor people. Pawa gives them the option to become Pawa distributors and power producers who sell excess power.


A hands-on team is established in each target market, starting with Kenya. Regional marketing and sales and logistics organization in place from Q2 2017.

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