Stage 1: 100 Days Moonwalk Challenge

Completed – 10 Startups Launched

Our Challenge

Yesterday, medicine helped people and society. Today, the medicine monopoly is regulated to make money from the masses and profiting the few. Tomorrow, we democratize medicine and empower personal wellness.

Moonwalk Health – Democratize Medicine: Turn your unique capabilities into new solutions. The award-winning Moonwalk Innovation System is your guide. Moonwalk Health is a 4 x 100 days semester program to fix what’s wrong with modern medicine and create new companies and jobs.

Approach & Constraints

100% Healthy rather than cure symptoms of sickness. 
For individuals rather than cost/benefit solutions for society.
To enrich modern life rather than cause more inconvenience.

4 x 100 days is all we have. 
Only us to do it.
No-one to wait for :to ask for permission :to stop us.


Universe: We now understand the domain of our challenge and identify aspiring questions to guide our journey.

Unfair Advantages: We identified our unique core competencies and assets.

Big Pains: we discovered the real problems and unserved aspirations of people affected by our challenge.

Domain Orthodoxies: We surfaced the underlying assumptions behind the traditional beliefs connected to our challenge.

Industry Disruptors: We mapped the core success models of winners in different industries that can be applied to our challenge.

Moonshots: We charted missions of our advantages that can salvage pains of billions.

Startup Projects: We crafted and ranked a portfolio of startup projects that each solve parts of the challenge.

Stage 2: 100 Days Startup Projects (8 seats left)

Oslo | Spring 2018

Startup Projects

Moonwalk Health is a portfolio of 10 startups born to democratize medicine and empower personal wellness. 

Work shoulder-to-shoulder with other startups in 7 weekends or online. Develop and prove the startup’s Customer Promise; Product & Delivery; and Revenue Model. Earn ownership across the portfolio.

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Flight Plan

Flight 1: 10+11 February
Flight 2: 24+25 February
Flight 3: 10+11 March
Flight 4: 24+25 March
Flight 5: 07+08 April
Flight 6: 21+22 April
Flight 7: 05+06 May
Touch-Down: 15 May – Startups portfolio Launch 18:00-21:00

Saturdays 11:00-18:00.
Sundays 11:00-16:00.

Between flights fieldwork and online deliverables.

Bring your own device (PC/iPad/Mac). SAAS tools provided.


Startup: Understand the business and mission of our Startup.

Customer: Design and prove the right customer.

Promise: Design and prove the right customer promise.

Product: Design and prove we can make the right product/service.

Deliverability: Design and prove we can deliver to customers in the right way.

Revenue Model: Design and prove a sustainable revenue model.

Get me on this rocket

This is one challenge I cannot pass on. This is a one-time, limited-seats shot at making my dent in the Health universe.

On-site Astronaut

I can be in Oslo for 7 weekends, do a few hours weekly fieldwork, and deliver online homework. I have kr 30,000 / $3,750 contribution to program cost payable in 5 installments. I want my 1/1 share of the startup portfolio stock pool upon my completion.

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Online Astronaut

I can do a few hours weekly fieldwork and deliver online homework. I have kr 6,000 / $750 contribution to program cost. I want my 1/5 share of the startup portfolio stock pool upon my completion. 

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I am a Moonwalk Angel

I want to invest in stellar companies solving an epic challenge to impact 1 billion lives. I want to fund a pre-revenue startup portfolio and be first in line for dividends or an exit.

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Moonwalk Pilots

These are the Pilots in control of this mission.

Atle Dyrli
Lead Pilot

Kenneth Winther
Co-Pilot / Founder

Moonwalk Astronauts

These heroes joined the world’s third crowdsourced, crowdfunded, and crowdowned innovation program to democratize medicine for modern humans.