Atle’s Astronaut Experience

Helle Cecilie’s Innovator Experience

Osama’s Astronaut Experience

Martin’s Innovator Experience

Join 2017/2018 Programs

Start a growth company. Take that executive MBA. Join a management consulting company. Or join a Moonwalk Program to get it all.

Semester 1: 100 Days Innovation Challenge 

Solve a big challenge of our time. Create a portfolio of Moonwalk startup projects. Earn shares.

Semester 2: 100 Days Startup Challenge

Turn startup projects into Moonwalk companies. Design customers, products and a sustainable revenue model. Earn shares.

Are you an Astronaut or an Innovator?

Want to Moonwalk with us? We know you can do it. Even in your spare time. In fact, we bet our money on it. You will not go alone. You will not go broke. And you don’t need to quit your day job.

Our programs run for 4x 100 days (two years), with the first 2x 100 days as spare time teamwork. Full-time paid jobs available in the final 2x 100 days.

Join us in Oslo 

Moonwalk in 7 weekends. Earn shares in the portfolio. Apply as a Moonwalk Astronaut.

Join us online 

Moonwalk from anywhere. Earn ownership. Sign up as a Moonwalk Innovator.

New 2017/2018 Experiences

Moonwalk HQ, Downtown Oslo

Saturdays 11:00-18:00 hrs, Sundays 11:00-16:00 hrs


Astronauts meet for all events. Innovators welcome for first day Lift-Off 12:00-15:00 hrs and Crowd Innovation Party.

Fall 2017 dates

[1]  02-03 September

[2]  16-17 September

[3]  30 September + 01 October

[4]  14-15 October

[5]  28-29 October

[6]  11-12 November

[7]  25-26 November


Crowd Innovation Party
07 Dec 16:00-22:00 hrs

Spring 2018 dates

[1]  10-11 February

[2]  24-25 February

[3]  10-11 March

[4]  24-25 March

[5]  07-08 April

[6]  21-22 April

[7]  05-06 May


Crowd Innovation Party
10 May 16:00-22:00 hrs