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To help everyone make sustainable business from the incredible $24 trillion opportunity of the oceans.


Customer consortium beta and pre-sales.


B2B Global

There is a need for ocean data to plan, operate and control underwater operations by companies within offshore renewable energy, aquaculture, marine construction, marine biotech, seafloor resources and others.

For decades a lot of ocean and sub ocean information has been gathered. However it is highly fragmented, stored on many harddisks making it impossible to paint a comprehensive picture.


Mocean One is a global subscription marketplace for ocean and sub ocean data. Mocean One monetizes data owner partners’ idle ocean and sub ocean data by offering tagged data to application users of the Mocean One platform. Application users benefit from on-demand access to data and analytics provided in a suite of applications. Existing users will radically lower their cost of labor and systems. New user markets will emerge as the world goes offshore for business.