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To help everyone make sustainable business from the incredible $24 trillion opportunity of the oceans.


Customer consortium beta and pre-sales.


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Mocean One – Oceans of business.


Today’s problem

Oceans offer a $24 trillion opportunity of resources beyond oil and gas (source: WWF). Volumes of collected data are widely distributed. Without a comprehensive picture, the ‘oceans of business’ cannot be accessed.


Mocean One’s solution

Mocean One provides instant subscription based access to insights from below the seabed to the clouds packaged in a suite of applications to make business from the oceans.


Mocean One’s market

The traditional ocean industry sectors are Oil & Gas, Fishing and Shipping. Now, all eyes are on the oceans and their resources. Thousands of companies are targeting the ocean for their next business ventures. Mocean One satisfies the core need of decision support across these verticals. The initial customer segment is the the growing renewable offshore energy industry.


Applications are now developed in consortiums with customers from the top 100 wave and tidal energy companies in Europe.

Startup details

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