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Mocean One

Mocean One - Oceans of Business

Mocean One gives anyone access to the $24 trillion opportunity today hidden in the oceans.


The ocean holds $24 trillion in unused resources (renewable energy, aquaculture, fishing industry, oil and gas) which are currently inaccessible.

What is stopping businesses and governments from accessing this wealth is the lack of easily available geo-marine data that could provide crucial information, regarding weather, seabed, resources or tidal currents. Such data is needed to make commercial decisions concerning off-shore constructions, government licenses or aquaculture.

Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs), which account for 95% of all businesses and 77% of employment globally, cannot afford the costs of ocean data acquisition and are unable to compete for offshore resources. This is a main challenge in the maritime market which has been identified as a main driver of the future global economy. There are over 24.000 SMEs in the ocean industry today that need affordable access to geo-marine data.


Mocean One is a suite of online software to make business from the oceans.

Mocean One SiteLocator enables off-shore construction companies to instantly identify a suitable construction site in the ocean, for a fraction of the costs ($2.500/month user subscription fee, equivalent to 95% cost savings vs. two full time employees and traditional multiple source data acquisition. Mocean One’s innovative user-centric approach is fully aligned with customers’ workflow and enables business decisions without being overwhelmed by 98% of useless information. SiteLocator targets users in the renewable energy sector, such as wind energy companies. Off-shore wind energy sector represents a big market opportunity with investments in Europe rising to $50 billion (2015) with expected growth of 25% CAGR until 2022.

Mocean One’s ambition is to develop a full suite of software applications – MoceanSuite – that will enable the a global marketplace for geo-marine data, connecting all SMEs who want to access the oceans’ resources with data providers.

Next steps

Mocean One has completely mapped workflow of SiteLocator users and built cloud based applications and now presents a fully functional online prototype with specific locations and data. A high-quality user interface by top-class interaction designers is deployed based on real user feedback. Our first demo version to potential customers received highly positive feedback.

We hold letters of intent with data providers and we have mapped prospective public sources of data. One paid assignment pilot project to prove deliverability has been signed. More data sets are now included. A roadmap is established based on customer preference applications.

Technology and business-oriented approach to ocean data distribution has been validated and endorsed by the Head of Ocean Science & Technology at the Norwegian University of Science & Technology.

Mocean One now raises working capital to launch and operate pilot projects (Norway and South Africa) and build entry market team to monetize relationships and target new customers.

Mocean One Team

Epic People turn Mocean One into a Stellar Company to improve 1 Billion Lives.

Thomas Hanstveit
Marine Geo Scientist

Alv Gullbrand Lia
Web Application Developer

Mari Oshaug
Senior Graphical Designer

Kenneth Winther
Moonwalk Founder & CEO