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To feed the next billions from subsea ocean farming by quality made by nature.


Operation from Q1 2017. Sales from Q2 2017.


Regional Export

Marine Garden – Quality made by nature.


Today’s problem

A growing global population needs more protein based food. Land farming will not meet this demand. Harvesting is taking its toll on the oceans. Species are threatened by extinction as price grows through unmet demand. High density surface cages stress fish stock and deteriorates quality. Feed is produced unsustainably. Pandemics and lice require use of drugs with unknown effects on humans. Waste and genetic spillover from high density stock pollute local shorelines and pose a threat to the marine ecosystem. Public awareness is on the rise. The fish farming industry experiment with solutions to take fish farming offshore. Incredibly expensive surface based structures and special vessels are developed, with uncertain technical feasibility and uncertain capital efficiency.


Surface farming is vulnerable to typhoons and rough sea conditions. Fish farmers in poor countries are not financially adept to reconstruct destroyed production facilities.


More governments are looking for employment, taxes and sustainable economic activity from aquaculture.


Top restaurants are increasingly looking away from traditionally farmed fish. Their concern is one of both quality and sustainability, fueled by public opinion.


Marine Garden’s solution

Marine Garden’s goal is to become world’s biggest ocean farmer (not to sell technology) with a subsea operation for local habitat species.


Marine Garden subsea aquaculture mimics nature’s own stock density; feed; living conditions and thus quality: Quality made by nature. It escapes severe surface conditions; away from lice habitat; avoid stressed stock; produce feed locally; and pose no threat to the local ecosystem. The construction and operating model scales more than any other known ocean farming solutions and multiplies capital efficiency. Marine Garden brings employment, tax income and sustainable industrial activity to governments. Our quality made by nature approach and selection of top customer valued fish species make us the no 1 choice of top chefs, the trusted voice if the public.


Marine Garden’s holds a 25+25 years exclusive license for typhoon safe marine operation and on-shore fingerling production in Maria County on the Island of Siquijor in region IV on The Philippines for aquaculture of Leopard Coral Grouper, the Chinese celebration fish sold at $80 to $128 per kilo.


Marine Garden’s market

Chinese celebration fish for the middle class with 350 million people and growing. $85-120 kilo price.

Startup details

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