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To feed the next billions from subsea ocean farming by quality made by nature.


Operation from Q1 2017. Sales from Q2 2017.


Regional Export

In 2050 the world’s population will reach 9.6 billion. Food demand will increase by 70 %. Most farmland is already taken, but the oceans cover 70 % of our planet. It is vital that we are able to use the oceans to feed a growing population. The world is seeking new ways of marine aquaculture for a sustainable, long-term supply of seafood, and Marine Garden is taking the lead in that mission.

Marine Garden has made a sub-sea fish farm that allows the fish to thrive in a natural environment with 100x more space than in a commercial fish farm, and with no harmful treatment, giving it an unprecedented quality. The solution can be taken out to open sea, and to the deep, with a 1/100th of the investment of competing solutions.