Siquijor Island

The Philippines

Marine Garden Innovation

Seabed aquaculture. Away from lice and typhoons.

Leopard Coral Grouper

Celebration fish for Chinese middle-class at $100+ per kilo. 

Live stock value-chain

Tracking from farm to restaurant aquariums.

Air transport

15 hours max from farm to restaurant.

Local experts

Local knowledge and innovations from Norway.

Marine Garden feeds the next billion from seabed fish farming

Today's aquaculture is unsustainable

Yesterday’s fishing practices emptied the oceans. Today’s aquaculture is lice infected, polluting and fails to scale to demand from a growing population. Fish farmers now collect billions to take this failing approach offshore.

Marine Garden reinvents aquaculture

Marine Garden combines the insights from offshore subsea oil & gas, local marine biology, and discerning food chefs. It mimics nature with seabed farming of highly valued local habitat species. 

Marine Garden is 100x more capital efficient than any known offshore aquaculture facility. Away from surface paracites and protected from the forces of nature, it can scale to feed billions. And claims #1 position as ‘quality made by nature’, as requested by discerning chefs in the export markets.

Marine Gardens holds an exclusive 25+25 years license for Leopard Coral Grouper farming. Selling in Hong Kong and South China markets for 10x the price of salmon. Fish arrives alive and healthy at the best restaurants.

Marine Garden looking for next stage partners

Marine Garden has proven its technology and principles. Now is the time to build a full size structure and a land based hatchery and nursery to be self-sufficient with fingerlings at grand scale.

We are looking to grow our operation in The Philippines and serve more of our target market of 350 million chinese. We are also in dialogue with potential farming locations in Europe. 

Marine Garden welcomes investors who want to be part of this highly capital efficient and scalable venture. And governments that believe sustainable seabed aquaculture of their local habitat fish can provide value to their regions.

Our Story

Today, land farming feeds nations. Tomorrow, ocean farming feeds the world.

– Kenneth Winther, Moonwalk Founder & CEO


This subsea systems engineer faced an uncertain future in Norway’s oil crash.


Kirill deploys new technology to scale local habitat seabed aquaculture by working with nature, not against it.


Seabed farming feeds the next billion with local habitat endangered fish.

Our Team

Kirill Izmikov

Director Technology
+63 9569616852

Toshihiro Kanamaki

Director Marketing & Sales 
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Danilo Taneo

Operations Manager, Philippines