15 minutes health check-ups

Expose my fears – and dent my masculinity. Just in case check-ups – wastes my time. Wait too long – and risk my life. 

Let’s make a preventive male life-saver with insane simplicity. Where total time required approaches 0.  

Healthcare you

Government builds one-size-fits-all healthcare from the baseline of the weakest. We can make healthcare suited for anyone and everyone.

Digital life

Europeans have immediate in-hand access to global information.

The independent

We can organize without permission. Develop solutions to disrupt industries. No-one can shut us down. Because we are independent.

Doctor useless

Why do I need to go to the Doctor. He looks at me, asks two questions. Suggests action and bills me. And I waited in line for hours to get it. Let’s move on already.

Macho man

‘Real’ men don’t visit the doctor. Before it is (often) too late. They are lazy, proud and would rather endure pain than spend the time to be sure.


People hide symptoms not to lose out or appear weak. Sickness goes on untreated and may spread to colleagues.

Health sacrifice?

To get and stay healthy, you have to do and eat things you don’t like. This may not be true. How can we turn it around?

Healthcare = Buildings?

Today’s healthcare is all about buildings, processes and expertise. We see that healthcare can connect directly with customers and cut out the middle-men.

Treatment heaven?

Healthcare is about curing people? 50 times more is spent to treat disease than to prevent it. Is there money in prevention?

Beats by Dr Dre

A relentless passion to tell the truth even if unsavory or uncomfortable. Customers to do the marketing. Getting the right people to use the product.


15 minutes. Only basic. Convenient. Flexible.

Yellow Tail

Target the non-customer category. No-nonsense easy to like offerings. Few choices to activate rather than pacify customers.

15 minutes health check-ups


1 in 5 men die before the age of 65. Lives would be saved if they were screened for most common conditions. Men put off going to a doctor for inconvenience, time constraints, and ‘masculinity’ issues. 


For busy men of all ages who avoid general check-ups and doctor visits as it takes time and/or shows weakness MANA is the 15 minutes annual at home check-up that only prompts you to a 15 minutes test or 15 minute doctor visit if necessary.


MANA is a D-I-Y home kit. MANA only screens for the most common male health risks that account for 85% of male deaths. MANA is managed by you through your smartphone.

Entry market

MANA enters the affluent Oslo market as a test bed to find right price-point, right scale of screening and preferred delivery model. MANA will test if next-of-kins could be primary buyers.

Democratize Health:

15 minutes health check-ups

Customer + Promise

Right customer: 13 target group interviews initially to identify desired customer (men and women). 25% turned out potential customers (all men).

Right promise: Saved time, maximize convenience and preserved ‘masculinity’  confirmed. Screening for top health dangers proven adequate level.

Product + Delivery

Right product: 3 studies of what can be screened (with health professionals). 8 mock-up and prototype interviews. 7 product iterations arrived at annual test home-kit.

Right delivery model: Tested several delivery formats (on job, pick-up, home) and found home to be right location. Split tests of home-keep or return-to-sender model planned.

Revenue Model

Right revenue model: Time and inconvenience is major price tag nudger for busy men. A sign on and forget subscription model preferred. Several partner options for test labs, mail delivery, and doctor referral commission identified (some in progress).

Is this your Moonwalk?

As a Moonwalk company, this startup is developed in 100 days stages from conception to growth. We are now approaching stage 3 of 4. Want to join us?

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100 Days Challenge & 100 Days Startup Project

Stage 1: Fall 2017

We now understand the Challenge – how to Democratize Medicine – better than anyone; we aligned our Approach; and framed our Constraints. 

Key Insights: We surfaced our Unfair Advantages, uncovered the Big Pains of our stakeholders; flipped the Domain Orthodoxies; and got inspired by Industry Disruptors.

Moonshots: We charted missions from our insights that can salvage pains of billions.

Startup Projects: We crafted and ranked a portfolio of startup projects that each solve parts of the challenge.

Stage 2: Spring 2018

Design & Prove Customer & Promise.
Design & Prove Product & Deliverability.
Design & Prove Revenue Model.

Join us for 7 weekends on-site in Oslo or online. Be a Customer Developer, Product Developer, or Revenue Model Developer.

100 Days Startup Pilot

Stage 3 of 4 starts September 2018. Apply now.

Minimum Viable Product: Prototype that works to unsupported showcase the customer experience.

Minimum Viable Market: Close to home first 10 customers (pre-sales).

Minimum Viable Team: Two to three people to cover Customer Promise/Sales and Product Development/Delivery and Revenue Model.

Minimum Viable Investment: Just Operating Expenses (time/prototype cost) of kr 600,000 ($75,000).

Are you a Customer Developer? A Product Developer? A Revenue Model Developer? Work for mix of shares and salary. 

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100 Days Startup Launch

Stage 4 of 4 starts February 2019. Apply now.

Launch version 1 of this startup.

Perfect Marketing & Sales: Find the keys to systematically attract and retain customers. 

Perfect Product & Delivery: Find the keys to systematically develop and deliver the product (service).

Perfect Revenue Model: Find the keys to systematically develop and operate the revenue model.

Minimum Viable Investment: Just Launch and Operating Expenses (time/product cost) of kr 1,000,000 ($125,000).

Are you a Customer Developer? A Product Developer? A Revenue Model Developer? Work for mix of shares and salary. 

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