Startup details


To serve 1.2 billion people clean daily water so they can work themselves out of poverty.


Ongoing operation.


Sub-Saharan households.

Today families in sub-saharan Africa are spending up to six hours a day fetching water, a task often given to women and children. The time lost is trapping families in poverty, and the straining effort and often contaminated water is harming their health. By introducing an affordable and reliable water service subscribers get the opportunity to use this extra time working, going to school or spend more time with their families. In this way Majiko is creating a new opportunity to work their way out of poverty.

Majiko is health: Removing the threat of waterborne illnesses from contaminated water and injuries due to the carrying of heavy burdens.

Majiko is reliability: Clean water every day, no matter what happens to you.

Majiko is flexibility: 1 liter containers having people use water that they need instead of big containers that enhance contamination.

Majiko is freedom: Spend the time as you want.