Startup details


To serve 1.2 billion people clean daily water so they can work themselves out of poverty.


Ongoing operation.


Sub-Saharan households.

Majiko – Water is freedom.


Today’s problem

People are stuck in poverty. Six hours every day locks women and children to securing their family’s daily ration of water, time they should devote to schooling or earning a living. Dirty 20 liter containers spread water born illnesses, and people are in desperate need of work and income.


Majiko’s solution

Majiko turns local unemployed into one-man-show water delivery heroes, operators of the delivery process from water source to the households that pay a monthly subscription fee (water itself is free). Heroes transport water in 1 liter containers by bike with a custom-built trailer. The trailer has a cleaning, filtering and tapping system ensuring daily delivery of 100% clean drinking water. Majiko’s goal is to save households 200 million hours each day.


Majiko’s market

1.2bn people lack access to clean drinking water. Several hundred million live in Sub-Saharan Africa, where water today is the biggest business with an estimated value of kr 161 billion. Majiko targets off-grid households, with entry in rural Kenya where Village Chiefs recruit heroes and facilitate community sales. Majiko has access to Government water sources for free (everyone else need to pay) and store water for draught periods.


Majiko has secured licenses and now builds a local team to expand the operations.

Startup details

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