Work 1.2 billion out of poverty with daily gifts of time

While corporates fight over Africa’s biggest business, Majiko teams up with thousands of local heroes to save millions of women billions of hours to work themselves out of poverty.

The problem

1.2 billion people lack daily access to clean water. In Sub-Saharan Africa, millions of women and children walk up to 6 hours a day to get to this weeks water source. Time that deprives them of work, education and opportunity. Dirty 20 liter containers spread water born illnesses, and people are in desperate need of work and income.

The big coporations now fight to control water sources and supply, a $160 billion market. They don’t provide work. Nor do they deliver water to free households to do what is important to them. And they don’t engage local communities.

The solution

With Majiko, water is free. Majiko turns young people into heroes in their communities. Providing them with work. And elevating their status.

Majiko Heroes are one-person-operations equipped with a bike, cart, return bottles, cleaning, filtering, and filling system. Heroes serve 24 families their daily ration of clean, bottled water from live water sources. 

Majiko targets off-grid households with entry market in rural Kenya where Village Chiefs recruit heroes and facilitate community sales.

Majiko has access to Government water sources for free (everyone else need to pay) and stores water for draught periods.

Women and children can now grow crops, get an education, take employment or do whatever is important to them. For a service fee merely a fraction of any other alternative.

That’s why water is freedom.

Next steps

Majiko is a billion lives impact company with a unique business model and traction. It is a low-margin volume business with recurring revenue and high retention rate.

We are a business – not aid. Our plan is to save millions of women and children billions of hours to work 1.2 billion people out of poverty. We now look for partners to grow our working capital so we can bring Majiko to more rural communities.

Majiko 'Hero'

Tomorrow’s water. Delivered today.

Majiko Innovation

Free women and children of time lost to tomorrow’s water.

Majiko Customers

24 families save 45,000 hours a year.

Majiko One-Man Operation

Return bottles. Cleaning. Filtering. Filling.

Majiko Trust

6 days a week. For a small charge.

Majiko Water

Secured water sources.

Majiko is Business - not Aid

Working people out of poverty.

Our Story

Water is a thief stealing prosperity from millions.

– Kenneth Winther, Moonwalk Founder & CEO


Benedict was unemployed like 40% of his fellow young Kenyans. Women and children walk up to 6 hours each day to get tomorrow’s ration of water.


Benedict serves 24 families filtered, clean, bottled water. Saving them 45,000 hours a year. So women and children can grow crops, go to school, and earn a living.


Thousands of hero bikers save households billions of hours. So 1.2 billion people can work themselves out of poverty.

Our Team

Synne Støhlmacher

Managing Director 
+47 90920986

Roselyn Najoli

Director Kenya Operations 
+254 720 977 603