The water hero

Synne was in the team working weekends to bring Majiko to life, an off-grid water delivery service for developing countries. After finishing her studies at NHH and working in the Norwegian Embassy in Malaysia she returned to Norway, just at the time when Majiko looked for their new Managing Director. Who better to lead the project than Synne, who had just created her own meaningful workplace.

Kirills story

Kirill, a Russian subsea engineer working in Norway looked at his friends losing their job and wondered when he would be next. Instead of having to leave the country, he joined the 100 days Moonwalk Tomorrow challenge and created his next job. In Marine Garden he builds subsea ocean farms around the globe to become the world’s biggest food producer.


Join a part-time Startup Adventure

Join your 100 days startup adventure with success guarantee. If anyone wins, you win. Start on your spare time. Earn ownership. Anyone can apply. The most motivated are accepted.

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Join the Team:

Take part in 7 weekend work sessions together with other highly motivated people to create new business based on a structured process that has developed many companies and jobs before. This is hard work, but you will be guided every step of the way. You will be called a Moonwalk Astronaut.


Join Online:

If you can access a computer or an iPad, you can participate online and deliver homework that will be important to the team. You will be called a Moonwalk Innovator.

Is this for me?

You need to be able to express yourself in English, verbally and in writing. You also need to be comfortable in groups, as most work is collaborative team work. We encourage people of all ages and backgrounds to join.


Why should I join?

You get to use your skills on a real challenge. You expand your network and meet new people. You learn entrepreneurship and innovation. You become an owner in the companies made in the program if you finish a semester. And you get exposure to show off your abilities.