Startup details

Entrepreneurship has an appaling failure rate. Out of millions of new startups each year, only 1 in 100 will get funded. Only 1 in 10 of those funded will be a hit. Most entrepreneurs will fail. And be worse off than when they started.


To help entrepreneurs survive the startup jungle with a machine learning optimized step-by-step digital guide and tools. To save them pain, time, and money and to dodge startup killers.


Pre-revenue proof-of-concept.

Instant Startup – Startup survival tools for entrepreneurs


Market size and share
Addressable market of 10 million new startups (growth ambition tech companies; 10% of all incorporated companies) globally. 1:1,000 market share (10,000 subscribing customers) in 3 years to 1:100 (100,000) in 5 years.


Customer segments
Three core market segments:
(1) Experienced entrepreneurs that want to align a team on the leanest path to startup success (or failure).
(2) Newbie startup founders that want practical steps to successful entrepreneurship
(3) Investors and VCs that want their companies to have the highest probability of success with the minimum viable investment.


Value Proposition
A no nonsense machine learning step-by-step online guide and tools in a low-risk month by month subscription. Add-ons guides and tools offered at a premium.


PR, word-of-mouth, and social media campaigns.
Online order/subscription self-management.
Entrepreneur and investor/VC events and online forums.
Advertising on Angel List, Angel News and other newsletter services.


Customer Relationships
Subscription self-service start/pause/stop.
One click away customer service: Ask us anything hour. Live online chat customer service.


Revenue Streams
Freemium model with free trial/entry for single founder. Team subscription monthly fee at <$99/month. Additional fees for add-ons. 3 year target is $2 million monthly recurring revenue (from full launch) growing to $25 million in 5 years.


Key Resources
Cloud scalable live feed servers.
Guide and tools design and deployment.
Machine learning development and xmanagement.


Key Partnerships
Entrepreneurship and investors/VCs forums and events.
Lean startup development experts.
Moonwalk (high performance startup system as baseline).


Cost Structure
Startup system and workflow design.
UX/UI and Tech Development team OpEx
Marketing/Sales team OpEx
Tech infrastructure OpEx and CapEx


100 Day Pilot Plan
Minimum Viable Product: Prototype (one that works to unsupported showcase the customer experience).
Minimum Viable Market: Close to home first customers (presales).
Minimum Viable Team: To to three people to cover Customer promise/sales and Product development/delivery.
Minimum Viable Investment: Just Operating Expenses (time/prototype cost) of kr 500,000 ($60,000).


100 Day Launch Plan from spring 2018 will bring forward Series 0 service version roadmap, sell to first 100 customers with team of customer developer, product & delivery developer, and revenue model developer at minimum CapEx investment.

Full Launch scheduled from fall 2018. Depending on backing from investors (syndicate).

Startup Team


#032 Astronaut / Customer Developer


#039 Astronaut / Product Developer