Stop Bullying

Expose my bullying problem – and commit social suicide. Walk the road alone – and risk my sanity. Postpone my action – and make bets against my recovery. 

Let’s make a safe haven low threshold stop bullying community. Where the bullied are in control. Guaranteed anonymity. Online immediate access. Peers only. 

Healthcare you

Government builds one-size-fits-all healthcare from the baseline of the weakest. We can make healthcare suited for anyone and everyone.

Kids first

No-one invests more in kids than the Nordics. And Swedes and Norwegians have the most affluent children.

Privacy commons

We value our privacy, yet trust to share our information for the greater good. With Blockchain technology, we no longer need to make a trade-off.


People hide symptoms not to lose out or appear weak. Sickness goes on untreated and may spread to colleagues.

Feeling is reality

Feelings are true to those that have them. Who’s business is it to question how people really feel? What can we win by trusting people?

Shame on you

A burden to your next-of-kins and to society. You are to blame. You are sick. And feel the shame. Even if you suffer in silence.

Same cure fits all?

Cure the masses is what pays? As people become connected, and individual data is shared and analyzed on a grand scale, new approaches to medicine can emerge.

Textbook truth

Textbook doesn’t make it true. If something isn’t proven, doesn’t make it false. Harvard prof. sugar bluff is called, but the food industry keeps pushing acquired taste.

Mental quacks?

Mental health is ‘invisible’ and thus nearly impossible to verify or detect. Is this true? Could e.g. statistics about a persons social interaction give an early warning?


Simple software for the user. Attractive design. Focus on the user experience. Take away features that are not essential.

Alcoholics Anonymous

Peers only. Step-by-step self-empowerment. Sponsor.

Brazilian music industry

Don’t make money from publishing music. Publishing is marketing. Then make real money from concerts.

Stop bullying


Bullying kills, hurts, and endures. Schools, teachers, municipalities, and parents are blamed and get stuck. More attention, funds, and expertise fail to make desired change. 


GRACE is an online anonymous 7 steps mentor guided empowerment application for the bullied – and an online and offline promotion and training program for schools.


GRACE empowers the bullied to take control of bullying, not blame any external circumstances. GRACE is an anonymous peers only community where mentors have themselves been bullied. GRACE relies on empowered bullied  promotion and expertise.

Entry market

GRACE leverages Scandinavian mandatory school spend on anti bullying programs. GRACE offers empowered bullied school performances and statistics for a fee and free users access.

Democratize Health:

Stop bullying

Customer + Promise

Right customer: From a wide angle mental strides target group, Grace interviewed 21 and found that ‘bullied’ was the one target group that had most use of anonymous peer only community and step-by-step tools.

Right promise: Bullied problem is never fixed externally, only by the afflicted one. 

Product + Delivery

Right product: Several iterations until found that only a step-by-step guide with proper peer (former bullied) support can turna a bullied into control and mastery.

Right delivery model: Schools are the ones mandated by law to work on the problem. They have the resources and access to the afflicted. 

Revenue Model

Right revenue model: Schools pay. Afflicted get service for free. Former bullied that now are masters of their own situation get paid to promote and deliver school programs and events (sole proprietors).

Is this your Moonwalk?

As a Moonwalk company, this startup is developed in 100 days stages from conception to growth. We are now approaching stage 3 of 4. Want to join us?

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100 Days Challenge & 100 Days Startup Project

Stage 1: Fall 2017

We now understand the Challenge – how to Democratize Medicine – better than anyone; we aligned our Approach; and framed our Constraints. 

Key Insights: We surfaced our Unfair Advantages, uncovered the Big Pains of our stakeholders; flipped the Domain Orthodoxies; and got inspired by Industry Disruptors.

Moonshots: We charted missions from our insights that can salvage pains of billions.

Startup Projects: We crafted and ranked a portfolio of startup projects that each solve parts of the challenge.

Stage 2: Spring 2018

Design & Prove Customer & Promise.
Design & Prove Product & Deliverability.
Design & Prove Revenue Model.

Join us for 7 weekends on-site in Oslo or online. Be a Customer Developer, Product Developer, or Revenue Model Developer.

100 Days Startup Pilot

Stage 3 of 4 starts September 2018. Apply now.

Minimum Viable Product: Prototype that works to unsupported showcase the customer experience.

Minimum Viable Market: Close to home first 10 customers (pre-sales).

Minimum Viable Team: Two to three people to cover Customer Promise/Sales and Product Development/Delivery and Revenue Model.

Minimum Viable Investment: Just Operating Expenses (time/prototype cost) of kr 600,000 ($75,000).

Are you a Customer Developer? A Product Developer? A Revenue Model Developer? Work for mix of shares and salary. 

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100 Days Startup Launch

Stage 4 of 4 starts February 2019. Apply now.

Launch version 1 of this startup.

Perfect Marketing & Sales: Find the keys to systematically attract and retain customers. 

Perfect Product & Delivery: Find the keys to systematically develop and deliver the product (service).

Perfect Revenue Model: Find the keys to systematically develop and operate the revenue model.

Minimum Viable Investment: Just Launch and Operating Expenses (time/product cost) of kr 1,000,000 ($125,000).

Are you a Customer Developer? A Product Developer? A Revenue Model Developer? Work for mix of shares and salary. 

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