Power in Your Hands: Pawa leapfrogs the power-grid with a mobile power system turning people into power consumers, producers, and traders

Marine Garden

Quality Made by Nature: Marine Garden feeds the next billions from its highly scalable natural habitat subsea farming


Water is Freedom: Majiko saves thousands of families millions of hours a year by bringing them their daily clean water. So they can work themselves out of poverty.

Mocean One

Oceans of Business: Mocean One's suite of online applications allows anyone to make business from the oceans

Instant Startup

A to Z workflow and tools for no-money-down successful Startups


Social learning platform for elite students and professionals


Addictive multi-player language learning

Professor Watson

Real-time AI assistant turning anyone into an instant expert


Hand to mind physical learning, tools and environments


Mobile interactive with compelling stories of places, people and events

Work in a Moonwalk Company

Moonwalk Crowd Incubator is where ordinary people make awesome companies. Try it out for 100 days. Or turn it into a career.

100 Days Startup Pilot

Test run a Moonwalk Company. Sell to the first customers. Prove delivery. Validate the revenue model. Earn a 100 day salary and a stock bonus. Apply now >

100 Days Startup Launch 

Launch a Moonwalk Company. Take a startup from its first customer to generating sustainable revenue. Earn a 100 day salary and a stock bonus. Apply now >

Full-time Management Jobs 

Our programs turn into Moonwalk growth companies. Go ‘all-in’ with a key role in an extraordinary company making positive impact on millions of people. Request your interview here.

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