Workteam Leagues

Yesterday, work was all about productivity. Your fitness was your own business.
Today, work-time competitions build work team spirit and employer brand.
Tomorrow, millions partake in healthy work competitions with wins for personal health and company profits.

Moonshot: Healthy @Work

I spend most of my awake life at work. Workplace benefits from me being fit. Yet today’s work can deteriorate my health.

Let’s make people more healthy the more they are at work. For better performance and life quality. With worktime solutions of small actions that prove personal and workplace benefit.

Startup: Champions

Make healthier living part of work and play. Competitions (individual, team, department, company, industry, nation, global). Day-by-day, programs, special events, leagues, and tournaments.

For working people who like to compete against themselves or others, Champions is the perfect health program that takes place at work or in work time and spurs workplace team unity. 

Unlike other workplace health programs, Champions differs in only proving brand and team-building benefits to employers, and offer health benefits as a bonus.

Next steps:

As a Moonwalk company, this startup is developed in 100 days stages from conception to growth. We are now approaching stage 2 of 4, and we invite you to join us.

100 Days Startup Project (stage 2 of 4)

Starts 10 February 2018. Only 3 seats per startup. Apply now.

Design & Prove Customer & Promise.

Design & Prove Product & Deliverability.

Design & Prove Revenue Model.

Join us for 7 weekends on-site in Oslo or online. Be a Customer Developer, Product Developer, or Revenue Model Developer.

100 Days Startup Pilot (stage 3 of 4)

Starts September 2018. Apply now.

Minimum Viable Product: Prototype (one that works to unsupported showcase the customer experience).

Minimum Viable Market: Close to home first customers (pre-sales).

Minimum Viable Team: Two to three people to cover Customer promise/sales and Product development/delivery.

Minimum Viable Investment: Just Operating Expenses (time/prototype cost) of kr 600,000 ($75,000).

Apply now

Join us

In the next 100 days (stage 3 of 4) we will pilot our startup. We will build our minimum viable product and delivery model and test it with minimum viable investment in a minimum viable market. To do it, we will deploy a minimum viable team of Moonwalk Astronauts: (1) Customer Developer and (2) Product developer and possibly a (3) Business Developer. We will work in teams – and learn from other teams doing the same. Supported by the best innovation system on the planet. Are you the Astronaut we are searching for?