Moonwalk Angels Network

Moonwalk Angels is a 200+ people active investment network. People who invest from kr 5,000 to kr 1 million+ ($600 to $120,000+) in Moonwalk Companies. We learn together, invest together and find ways to support our companies and portfolios together.


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Moonwalk Angels Liaison

+47 942 60 928

Be an Angel:
Invest in Portfolios

Moonwalk programs deliver strong deal flow of startups that target revenue more than exits. And customer impact more than profits. Invest in a diversified portfolio extraordinary companies that address billion people problems. And share in the rewards as they succeed. Minimum investment is kr 5,000 ($600). Maximum is kr 1 million ($120,000). Perfect for anyone starting out investing or those looking to diversify their portfolio.


Moonwalk Learning reinvents education with a 6 startups portfolio. Read more and become a co-owner.

Be an Angel:
Invest in Companies

Moonwalk Companies are the products of Moonwalk Programs. They have proven market, product an business model and generated (or accrued) revenues. Next step for each of these companies is securing fast growth backed by competent investors. Minimum investment is kr 500,000 ($60,000).

Be an Angel:
Co-found New Programs

Early bird gets the best juice. Why not co-found a Moonwalk Program to turn a big challenge into impact startups in 400 days? You will not find this opportunity elsewhere. And we can take Moonwalk anywhere. Minimum investment is kr 250,000 ($30,000) per semester (total of 4).

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