Tomorrow is made by us

Moonwalk turns epic challenges into stellar companies to improve 1 billion lives. It’s proven, award-winning and university endorsed 100 days innovation programs offer part-time participation, full-time jobs and investment opportunities.

Moonwalk reinvented innovation with the world’s fist crowdsourced, crowdfunded and crowdowned innovation program with 60+ people making 4 companies growing on 3 continents backed by 250+ angel investors. 

Moonwalk Innovation System was developed in learning partnerships with 65 global innovators like Ferrari, Banco Santander, Real Madrid, Ducati, IMD Business School, Credit-Suisse, and Nestlé. It added $2 billion in revenue to big corporates like Statoil, British Telecom, and Linde-Gas before it was  taken off the consulting market. To apply it to the big challenges of our time and share the work, bills and ownership with the crowd. 

Because tomorrow is made by us.

Moonwalk Oslo

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Øvre Vollgate 7,
0157 Oslo, Norway

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P.O. Box 306 Sentrum,
0103 Oslo, Norway

+47 90070900

tomorrow in your hands


Solve an epic challenge. Make stellar companies. Improve 1 billion lives. In 100 days semester programs. Part-time or full-time. On-site or online. Share the work, bills, and ownership. Read more >


Make stellar companies to improve 1 billion lives. Join for 100 days or turn it into a career. Read more >


Invest to improve 1 billion lives. In early stage startup portfolios; directly in growing companies; or share the future with Moonwalk. Read more >