100 Days Help

Life-guides to confidence

Yesterday, the couple felt uncertain about having a baby for the first time.
Today, they are on a 100 days step-by-step program to to build their confidence.
Tomorrow, millions faced with new life situations are empowered by these self-help guides.

Moonshot: Stress Free Life

I have one life. I don’t get a second chance to get it right. My health is my own. It should take center stage. I don’t know what works. And I don’t know what doesn’t. 

Let’s empower the individual to manage modern life health. With individual centric life-long relationships. Let’s gamify a healthy life: Make simple choices and massive fun.

Startup: 100 Days Help

Are you having a baby? Did you just get diabetes? Or are you just lonely? You need a plan. 

Baby steps. Goal oriented and easy to get back on track.

For singles and couples who feel uncertain faced with new life situations, 100 Days Help is the fun, social and engaging 100 days step-by-step guide to build certainty and confidence. 

Unlike other self-help guides, 100 Days Help differs in its simple, fun and addictive social interface.

Next steps:

As a Moonwalk company, this startup is developed in 100 days stages from conception to growth. We are now approaching stage 2 of 4, and we invite you to join us.

100 Days Startup Project (stage 2 of 4)

Starts 10 February 2018. Only 3 seats per startup. Apply now.

Design & Prove Customer & Promise.

Design & Prove Product & Deliverability.

Design & Prove Revenue Model.

Join us for 7 weekends on-site in Oslo or online. Be a Customer Developer, Product Developer, or Revenue Model Developer.

Apply now
100 Days Startup Pilot (stage 3 of 4)

Starts September 2018. Apply now.

Minimum Viable Product: Prototype (one that works to unsupported showcase the customer experience).

Minimum Viable Market: Close to home first customers (pre-sales).

Minimum Viable Team: Two to three people to cover Customer promise/sales and Product development/delivery.

Minimum Viable Investment: Just Operating Expenses (time/prototype cost) of kr 500,000 ($62,500).

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Join us

In the next 100 days (stage 2 of 4) we will prove that we have a customer. That we can deliver our products or service. And that we will make money so we don’t need charity to run our business. We will work in teams. Supported by the best innovation system on the planet.